World Creators Summit

The National Music Council partners with CISAC to present the World Creators Summit – the leading international cross-industry forum addressing the future of the creative community and the entertainment business in the digital economy. This biennial event brings together the world’s most prominent creative artists, government officials, industry leaders and digital service providers to exchange views on the value of creative works, the future of copyright, the role of creators, and the collective management of authors’ rights, as well as to offer solutions for a sustainable creative industry.

The importance of creators and their creative industries in today's economic, cultural and social environment is vast: they are a factor of economic growth, they employ millions of people, they play a vital role in the social cohesion of countries and they are essential to ensuring the development of the digital economy.

The World Creators Summit (formerly known as World Copyright Summit), will take place in Washington DC at the Ronald Reagan Building & International Trade Center on June 4 and 5, 2013 (with an opening cocktail party on June 3 evening). The event’s slogan, “Create – Connect – Respect,” encapsulates the event’s vision of a fair and sustainable environment for the creative sector.

Now in its fourth edition, this biennial event aims at establishing a constructive dialogue, exchange ideas, debate diverse viewpoints and discuss the remedies linked to intellectual property and creative content online with all the stakeholders in the new digital economy, from creators, rights organizations and guilds, to content service providers, broadcasters, telecommunications operators, hardware manufacturers, legal experts and policy-makers.

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