The National Music Council is a Proud Member of the Music Education Policy Roundtable and Supports its Federal Legislative Agenda:


Roundtable Vision

A music education advocacy and public policy infrastructure of organizations dedicated to ensuring the presence and perseverance of school music programs operated by certified music educators teaching sequential, standards-based music education to students across the nation.

Roundtable Mission

•The unification of all music education advocacy organizations under a single policy apparatus, working in unison to achieve a consensus set of federal legislative goals, on behalf of the profession and all of those who stand to benefit from its contributions to the broader field of education.

Roundtable Guiding Commitments

To utilize the federal legislative agenda “asks,” as appropriate, in support of music education, ensuring consistency of language usage among Roundtable member groups, whenever possible. To engage and facilitate advocacy capacity development among Roundtable memberships involved in grassroots campaigns. To interact with and share reports regularly with the SupportMusic Coalition, in efforts to bolster the work of both advocacy initiatives.

The following NMC members track important legislative issues on their websites: