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The National Music Council of the United States warmly welcomes new and renewed memberships of all national organizations whose scope of activities include support for the artistic and economic rights of music creators and musicians, increased diversity and accessibility within the music community, access to music education for all students throughout the country, and other purposes for which the Council was formed.

Any such organization is eligible for membership, subject to approval by the Council’s Board of Directors and a pledge to fully endorse the Council’s foundational principles and goals, including:

  • To promote the goal of lifelong music education and access to music participation as fundamental to human development, representing an investment in America, its people, cultural diversity and economy; and,
  • To protect and advocate for the rights of music creators and performers, both to be fairly compensated, and to speak and create freely and without fear.
  • We further recognize that our strength lies in our diversity, and that inclusion is essential to achieving our mission at all levels.

    Founded in 1940 as a clearinghouse for the joint opinion of its members and as a forum for the discussion of the country’s national music affairs, the National Music Council is the association of America’s trade and membership music associations. Operating under a charter from the U.S. Congress, the Council is the official U.S. representative to the International Music Council.

    The Council is active in the following areas:

    1. Information: Especially today, the various sectors of the music field need to be well informed concerning each other’s purposes, scope, and activities. To this end, the council sends out periodic mailings focusing on timely issues in the music community.

    2. Discussion and Debate of National Music Issues: Especially during the annual Membership Meeting and Leadership in Music Symposia

    3. Research on Issues of National Importance: From time to time, the NMC disseminates papers of national importance from one member association to others in the music discipline, and to other organizations and governmental agencies.

    4. International Music Council: The NMC represents the many facets of American Music to the International Music Council.

    5. Annual American Eagle Awards : Each year, the Council presents its American Eagle Awards for lifetime contribution and distinguished service to American music

    6. The NMC provides a unique function. It is the only association in which the wide spectrum of American music associations are represented and where they come together to consider legislative recommendations and to debate and resolve issues.

    NMC provides your group with:

  • A crucial platform for communication and networking with music industry and association leadership throughout the United States;
  • A forum for exchange of information and opinions on important financial and cultural issues;
  • A chance to participate in legislative advocacy on issues of enormous importance to the music community;
  • A voice in the global music community through the International Music Council – the world’s largest network of musical organizations and institutions;
  • Access for your members to participate in International events and programs;
  • Access to the Weekly World Music News electronic Newsletter and the NMC quarterly membership newsletter;
    Your support of the NMC also goes to music education and intellectual property protection advocacy in the United States; U.S. input into the Fair Music Initiative of the IMC – developing fair trade principles for musical goods and services; and NMC/IMC collaborations to develop musical partnerships between countries and regions.

    Please visit our website for recently posted news updates on our Student Video Scholarship contest, American Eagle Awards, Leadership in Music Symposium, and upcoming music education advocacy events.

    For more information or any questions:
    Please contact NMC Director Dr. David Sanders at

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