Members Requested to Help Spread the Word About NMC Award Winning Copyright Education Materials

The NMC board is requesting that member organizations promote our new, innovative education tool for primary school students designed to teach respect and admiration for creators, inventors and their works.

The program was created by the National Music Council and Music Publishers’ Association to teach young students the consequences of disrespecting the rights of creators, and how activity such as appropriating the work of others without permission negatively impacts creators and stifles creativity in general.

The lesson plan, video, and educational extension activities are available via a free website at: The 2:30 Emmy Award winning PSA is also available by clicking HERE!.

The NMC is requesting members to post a link and/or article on their organization website and in member magazines that feature the classroom teaching tools and the PSA. We need members to help get the word out and believe that the issue is of interest to your membership, as it affects the entire creative and educational communities.

You can find an article on the program, the press release announcing the Emmy Award, and view the award winning video and teaching tools at the National Music Council Website at

Please let NMC know of your willingness to disseminate this information by contacting the NMC office at (973) 655-7974, or via email at