NMC Supports the Reimagining Inclusive Arts Education Act

The Reimagining Inclusive Arts Education Act, introduced by David Scott (GA-13) seeks to increase access to arts education and arts therapies for students with disabilities. Recognizing the benefits of arts education for children with disabilities, this legislation would provide grants to further train educators and arts therapists working with those students. Specifically, this legislation would;

  • Direct the Secretary of Education to establish the Inclusive Arts Education Grant Program
    • Eligible Entities for Funding: Local Education Agencies (LEAs), State Education Agencies (SEAs), or a partnership between an LEA/SEA and an Institution of Higher Education or Non-Profit Organizations
      • Priority: Schools receiving Title I funds are given priority in the grant application process.
    • Eligible uses of grant funding:
      • Promoting curricula, best practices, professional development for arts educators and creative arts therapists in elementary and secondary schools that would;
        • Increase access and improve inclusion of children with disabilities in arts education programs.
        • Adapt classroom materials and lessons to accommodate children with disabilities.
  • Provide a definition of “Creative Arts Therapy” that specifically enumerates music as an available medium and highlights the social and emotional benefits of the arts.

Full text of the bill can be accessed here