The NMC Pandemic Memory Database


The US and global music communities have suffered through two difficult years of a viral pandemic that took the lives of nearly a million of our fellow Americans, well over five million lives worldwide, and crushed the livelihoods of tens of millions more.  As we know, with a music economy based upon live performance and socially close collaboration among creators, educators and business people, our industry was affected far more than most.

Now that the storm seems to be receding, it’s time to take stock.  Just as in the aftermath of the 9-11 tragedy, our stories of survival and perseverance are the best gifts we can give to future generations.  That is why the non-profit, Congressionally-chartered National Music Council of the United States is launching the NMC Pandemic Memory Database project – a collection of first-hand video, audio, and written accounts of the experiences of music community members – focused on what we felt, how we reacted, what worked, what didn’t, and how we move forward. It is our hope that this historical record will serve as a blueprint for future generations to better cope with similar emergencies, drawing knowledge, inspiration and wisdom from our shared experiences and reflections.

Please join us in the simple process of video recording, audio recording, or writing your own stories and experiences of the pandemic and its effects on your music, your music career, and your lifetime musical aspirations.  Then have YOUR STORY become an important part of the NMC Pandemic Memory Database.  You may even do so anonymously, if you wish.
Only through our efforts can we forge a better future for those who follow us on the musical path.

How to Submit:

Record your message (preferred formats: mp3, mp4, or .mov), or write your story/experience, and then visit to upload your Pandemic Memory contribution.