American Eagle Awards

Honoring David Lowery

David Lowery is a renowned musician, songwriter, journalist, blogger, producer and serial entrepreneur based in Richmond, VA and Athens, GA.  Additionally, his longstanding and tireless activism on behalf of the causes of Music Education and Music Creators’ Rights are widely celebrated throughout the global music community.

While studying mathematics and computer science at the University of California Santa Cruz in the early 1980’s, Lowery founded the critically acclaimed ensemble Camper Van Beethoven and the associated record label Pitch-a-Tent Records.  With these two entities, he helped jump start the Indie Rock movement.

In 1991, Lowery moved on to the ensemble Cracker, which produced three, top ten alternative/rock radio tracks and three platinum albums.  During this time he produced a variety of recording artists, including albums for critically acclaimed and commercially successful bands such as The Counting Crows, LP and Sparklehorse.

In 2007, Lowery was appointed as an advisor to the innovative collective action website This later evolved into the revolutionary social-deal site, which went public in 2011.  Lowery is also a seed investor in the popular music gear marketplace (Alexa rank 287 US).

Lowery began teaching “The Economics and Finance of the Music Business” at the University of Georgia in 2011, and is now part of the university’s full time faculty.  In 2018, Lowery received his doctorate in Higher Education.  His dissertation focused on the network protocols designed to stop copyright infringement on university campuses.

In 2012, Lowery further expanded his activities as a Music Rights Activist and began writing for, a blog that examines abuses against creators in the digital age.  Since that time, he has become one of the world’s most informed and outspoken critics of Silicon Valley and its aggressive exploitation of musical artists and other creators.  Three of Lowery’s pieces have gone massively viral: Letter to Emily White Intern at NPR All Songs ConsideredMeet the New Boss, Worse than the Old Boss? and  My Song Got Played On Pandora A Million Times And All I Got Was $16.89.  He also testified before various Committees of the US Congress on behalf of music creators and artists.  Most recently, he penned an op-ed for Politico concerning copyright reform that was entered into the Congressional Record by Rep. Mel Watt (D-NC) as evidence of the need for stronger creator protections.  Lowery was named a “Global IP Champion” by the US Chamber of Commerce, and in 2015, he famously launched a pair of class actions alleging major streaming services had failed to properly license and account to independent songwriters.  One such company, Spotify, settled for $112 million in fees and royalties owed to music creators.

Today, David Lowery continues to be an active songwriter, recording artist, university professor, author and entrepreneur.  He likewise remains dedicated not only to championing Music Rights and Music Education, but to demonstrating to creators that entrepreneurial alternatives to Silicon Valley-based music distribution of music are available to counter the current, grossly unfair practices of the Tech giants toward the “content” creator communities.


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